Bed, Breakfast and Breakthrough Part 1

The picture drew me in, the story leaves me hanging, wanting more! Great job Christina Arrigo!!


John Kimball

I was inspired to write another back story when I saw the beautiful picture taken and shared by John Kimball . Again, this is a story from my imagination. I’d like to do it differently this time, in segments.   This is Part 1. Part 2 will be in a separate post, to make things easier. I hope you enjoy this, and fall in love again with this beautiful home.

  Truth be told, she never wanted the house to be built, nor did she want to slave away in the kitchen and bedrooms. Cleaning up the mess of others was not her cup of tea, yet still she felt forced to offer Earl Grey, Bavarian Chocolate Orange, and plain Black Pekoe every morning. After a breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and homemade sausage, visitors went their merry way while she cleaned rooms, collecting carelessly discarded trash, smoothing out down-filled…

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Where in the World Wednesday: Cedaredge, CO

If you haven't figured it out by now (as it's taken me like 20 years to figure it all out), the western slope of Colorado, also known as the Grand Valley, is chock full of agriculture and recreation opportunities. Olathe, CO:   Just an hour drive from Grand Junction on Hwy 50  Named after Olathe, KS, the … Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Cedaredge, CO

Harvest Moon

I love the moon. I love taking pictures of the moon. While I may not be the best moon photographer, I still go out and try. Learn what I did wrong and what I did right. Here is just a small scrap book of this year's Harvest Moon Under the harvest moon, When the soft … Continue reading Harvest Moon

Me Monday: Snow is Coming

Here in Colorado, October can bring our first snow of the year; and it's set to hit tonight into tomorrow morning. However, it's not exactly here, in Grand Junction, where I live, but in my hometown on the "front range" (Denver, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs) are  supposed to get hit with a quick moving storm. … Continue reading Me Monday: Snow is Coming

Where in the World Wednesday: Las Vegas

I have thought long and hard about today's blog, which is why it's late.  It's becoming way too often I see the hate in people where they feel the need to go out and blow up, crash into, or shoot people; whether a school, movie theater, dance club, church, concerts, sporting events or holiday markets; … Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Las Vegas

You Said There Would Be Pie; Liebster Award Nominee

I want to give a huge thank you to Jessica Burgess with What's happening with Jessica. I am totally shocked and honored for the nomination. Jessica is a homeschooler/mom life/information blogger. She wears many hats! Jessica is kind, thoughtful and loves being a mommy; which is good as she is a mommy of five! I love … Continue reading You Said There Would Be Pie; Liebster Award Nominee

Me Monday: Crafts & Hobbies

Happy Monday! Happy Fall! Happy October! Today is about me and crafting or rather me and crafting addictions. I am kind of picky about the crafts I do. But then, you just never know. I've always loved to decorate cakes. I started decorating when my youngest sister graduated high school and I got to make … Continue reading Me Monday: Crafts & Hobbies