Exploring: Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah

I have been talking for awhile, I would like to take photos of Churches, Cathedrals, Temples, and Castles all over the world. However, right now, budget says, stay local. So that’s what hubby and I did this past weekend. I booked a hotel and since I have used Expedia a lot, I got a nice discount and was less than a mile from Temple Square, where I wanted to explore and take pictures. Great walking distance, or so I thought. We loaded up the car early Sunday morning and hit the road! Count down to SLC, 4.5 hours plus any pit stops or food stops! We weren’t in a hurry, but we wanted to get there.
Hubby is a big fan of In-N-Out Burger and hasn’t had it in awhile, so first stop Provo In-N-Out Burger. We got there right in time, we had no wait line and our food came pretty fast. By the time we were done eating, there was a line out the door!


For those of you who don’t know about this hamburger place, they have ONLY three burgers on their menus; double double, hamburger and cheese burger. Each hamburger patty is made from fresh, never frozen 100% USDA ground chuck. They have no fillers, additives or even preservatives. One size of fries and of course they are fresh, hand cut (in store) and cooked in 100% Sunflower Oil.  Milkshakes in just chocolate, vanilla and strawberry are made with real ice cream. Coke products and a Not – So – Secret – Menu

Back in the car, AC blowing full blast, cause it’s HOT out there!

We find our hotel, great people work there, nice room, up high (facing the wrong way, but it’s all good)! So friendly and willing to help! Throw some sunscreen on and out we go. Hubby wants to walk it, I don’t. We find a train that will take you to Temple Square for FREE!!! Hot dang! Jump on that, ride two blocks (yes, just two blocks!), jump off and head for an open gate.

I have a confession here, I know very little about the Mormon faith. I was kind of nervous to go, as I didn’t know what to expect. What I found was an experience I will never forget. I truly had a spiritual experience.

We started out with Assembly Hall, just the outside at this point.

Assembly Hall
Built from August 1877 to 1882 at the cost of $90,000.

Then headed over to the Tabernacle. We missed the organ practice by two hours. Guess we shouldn’t have stopped at In-N-Out. This is the home of the infamous Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Built from 1864 to 1867 to house meetings for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church), and the location of the church’s  general conferences for 132 years.

Next was the North Visitors Center.

Lots of Biblical information and paintings, a really cool light up information diorama of Jerusalem, statues and a magnificent statue of Jesus with the Universe featured in the dome of the building.


There were beautiful flowers and trees everywhere! Hubby became the area photographer for family pictures. There were water features, statues, and a lot of different buildings. We covered the Assembly Hall, the Tabernacle, the North Visitors Center, now we circle back to the Assembly Hall for it’s interior! Another HUGE Pipe Organ!!! Another beautiful building.

Unfortunately, The Salt Lake Temple it is considered sacred by the church and its members and a temple recommend is required to enter, so there are no public tours inside the temple as there are for other adjacent buildings on Temple Square. However, the Temple is 253,015 square feet and is the largest LDS temple by floor area. Requiring 40 years to complete, the Temple is the 6th temple completed by the church and the 4th Temple built after the Mormon exited Nauvoo, Illinois in 1846.

We decided to forgo the train ride back and walk. It was a hot walk back, but a very quiet one. We passed the home of the Utah Jazz – Vivint Smart Home Arena, the former Union Pacific building and the Devereaux House: also known as the Staines-Jennings Mansion, was built in 1857 for William Staines. The Mansion was expanded by William Jennings, mayor of Salt Lake City from 1882 to 1885.  Devereaux was a social center for the Salt Lake City area, hosting distinguished visitors.


I hope you enjoyed these little tidbits of history and photos! Join us next time for Exploring: Cathedral of Madeline, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Joseph Smith (1805–1844) was an American religious leader and the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement, which gave rise to Mormonism.




4th of July, 2018


The Fourth of July – also known as Independence Day or July 4th


“The tradition of patriotic celebration became even more widespread after the War of 1812, in which the United States again faced Great Britain. In 1870, the U.S. Congress made July 4th a federal holiday; in 1941, the provision was expanded to grant a paid holiday to all federal employees.


Over the years, the political importance of the holiday would decline, but Independence Day remained an important national holiday and a symbol of patriotism.

Falling in mid-summer, the Fourth of July has since the late 19th century become a major focus of leisure activities and a common occasion for family get-togethers, often involving fireworks and outdoor barbecues. The most common symbol of the holiday is the American flag, and a common musical accompaniment is “The Star-Spangled Banner,” the national anthem of the United States.” *1

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*this post contains photos which are not mine, no copyright infringement meant*Disclaimer

Alcohol Inks – A Project in the Making Part 1

No, it’s not what you think. However, I suppose you could use a good Vodka or Moonshine

 Alcohol Ink Art

Sister and I started doing this and we are having too much fun learning. It’s even become an obsession (at least for me). I know what you are thinking. Aren’t all crafts and hobbies an obsession? Well, I say yes! They are! We are keeping the inks at her house, so when I don’t go over, I go through withdrawals!
Now, I will admit, AI isn’t cheap. HOWEVER, there are ways to get around that. Let’s start with the basics.
(I am not a pro and don’t claim to be, just an obsessed AI groupie, wanting to share the love!)
This is by no means a full list of items you (need) want and NO you don’t have to get everything on the list! 
Alcohol Ink
There are several brands out there. We are using  Ranger – Tim Holtz  for now. Simply because there aren’t a lot of choices at the local hobby stores (there is evidently a bottle shortage). A pack of three colors run about $11.99 here in Colorado. Amazon, $11.98 + free shipping (but not PRIME eligible)
You can also use, Sharpies or Copic markers. These are great for adding lines or to highlight edges
Alcohol – Best to use isopropyl alcohol with a 91% if you want to make things happen.
Alcohol Blending Solution – This and the Alcohol, do somewhat of the same thing. So if you are on a budget, start with just the alcohol. The blending solution does a bit more magic than the IA. The Blending Solution is formulated to dilute and lighten the AI’s vibrant tones. Plus, it is great for lightening and blending the AI colors and it will help remove the colors from slick surfaces, hands and art tools.
Blending Tools:  Something like a ball tool
Something to paint on
Non Porous items:
We started with tiles. You can get them at the hardware store for like .17 cents a tile! PLUS, if you make a mess or something didn’t work out, you can clean it right off!
There is paper out there called Yupo paper, which is essentially, plastic paper.
Also, dominoes, glass, metal, ceramic and lots more!
You can also paint on some porous mediums, however, we haven’t even attempted that…so, stay tuned
Paint Brushes
Latex Gloves (the inks stain)
A Palette 
Cotton Balls
Straws and/or Canned Air
This is by no means a full list of items you (need) want, but it’s a great start. Also, we haven’t sealed our tiles yet, so we don’t have the 411 on sealing them, quite yet.
Here is a start to my latest project.
Step 1:
I cleaned off the tile with some IA, just to make sure it’s all good and not yucky from others handling it.
Step 2:
I used a White (if you are using a dark color, you will need a lighter color behind it to make it visible) and some Blending Solution and just moved it around to make some movement on the tile
Step 3:
I then added the Sunflower Yellow in drops and then added the Blending Solution and then also tilted it and used the canned air (gently) to make more definition where I wanted it.
I kept adding yellow and white until I was pleased with the coloring.
Then I added some Orange to the party and just kept working with the Blending Solution, the air and straw and even some of the alcohol.
This is where we stop today
Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces.
*this post contains photos which are not mine, no copyright infringement meant*Disclaimer
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The Vinegar Chronicles

Have you seen all the information on common everyday products? Cleaners can cause cancer. Deodorants can cause breast tumors. Dishwasher soap contains eight toxic chemicals. It’s not all good to buy convenience and it’s not convenient to make your own. So what do you do?
I have been starting slow. Very Slow! I have a very good friend who is a homesteader and I admire what she does. She has been expanding her apothecary for awhile now and I have been following her lead. Course, I am not quite to the point of raw food for my Shih Tzu, not cause he wouldn’t like it, but I don’t have that energy. However, watching her chicks hatch, goats play and the garden grow is simply amazing and I am totally jealous!
So, this past week, I started my vinegar cleaning solution.
Distilled White Vinegar 
Your choice of citrus peels
Mason Jar (make sure it’s a clean one)
  • I used two oranges, peeled them and took off the meat from the pith.
  • I put them in my mason jar and then covered them with distilled alcohol.
  • Tightly sealed the lid on the jar and dated it.
  • After three months, strain the peels out of the mixture and toss.
  • Keep the vinegar in a cool dark place.
  • When ready, add to a spray bottle and clean away!!
My friend told me I had to wait three months before I can use it. I should shake it everyday to mix it up. So, I added a date on the top of the jar, cause I will forget it when it’s time!
Completed Jar
Now, in a blue jar (lost my rings to the clear one)
Since then I have found a little less time consuming recipe and I think I will try that one too.
Same ingredients 
BUT…. there can be a twist with this one. 
You can make up different scents. 
Orange and Clove
Pine and Orange
Lime and Mint 
The options are endless!
Ok…here’s another  the difference
  • Fill your mason jar about 1/2 full (or 1/2 empty, depending how you want to look at it) with the peels and herbs.
  • Heat your vinegar to almost boiling (make sure you use a microwave safe glass dish, bowl or even better a Pyrex measuring cup)
  • Pour the vinegar over the peels and herbs, seal tightly, add the date to the lid and what’s in it.
  • Leave in a dark, cool place for 24 or more. The longer it sits the deeper the scent.

Once you get the scent you want, strain the peels out of the mixture and toss.

Keep the vinegar in a cool dark place.
When ready, add to a spray bottle and clean away!!


Need more fun with Vinegar? 

 Fabric Softener:  An easy peasy trick: Add ½-1 cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle to help remove detergent build-up, soften fabrics, and deodorize laundry.

Washing Machine Refresher: Grab your bottle of Distilled vinegar, (by now, you may need to get the gallon sized bottles!}  Fill all the compartments with vinegar and run your washing machine on the cleaning cycle

Freshen Garbage Disposal :Who knew you could Freeze vinegar? Well, you can…just freeze the vinegar into cubes, store in a freezer bag, grind a few cubes in the garbage disposal once a week. I bet you could add some of the lemon or lime scented vinegar from above!

And lastly

Fruit Fly Control: Place ¼ cup of vinegar in a small jar. Cover with plastic wrap and a rubber band. Poke a few small holes in the wrap.  They will be attracted to the vinegar and get caught in the jar. No more clapping the hands when the fly by to try and kill them!

One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries. —A.A. Milne

*this post contains photos which are not mine, no copyright infringement meant*Disclaimer




Gateway Canyons Resort – Auto Museum

Our summer day trips have arrived! After fulfilling family obligations this past month, we are headed to the little community (which originally had just a post office) of Gateway. Gateway is located in Mesa County, Colorado just a hop, skip and jump from the Utah border. They said “Go West Young Man”, so that is what we did, south & west. Temperatures were to be in the high 80’s, slight winds and low humidity are an awesome combination for the desert of Colorado. A late addition to the trip was the smoke from the 416 fire in Durango, CO and new one in Price, Utah, so makes for a bit of haze on the pictures.

You may be wondering why we are going to Gateway, since there is only a post office. Well, there happens to also be a general store including the best hot dogs within 40 miles, a fire/police station and a grand 5 star resort there; Gateway Canyons Resort & Spa, the Palisade Ranch at Gateway Canyons Resort, world class dining, kayaking, off road tours, air tours, an auto museum and a whole lot more.

Pretty sure this isn’t the original, but it’s the one standing now
The History
After hearing tales of the beautiful Colorado red rock country as a child, Mr. Hendricks decided to head to Gateway in 1995. Once he and the future Mrs. Hendricks settled into the area, they decided this would be home and they would share the beautiful location with the world. Built in the Unaweep Canyon (Native American word meaning, Canyon with two mouths) which just happens to be one of the most unique red rock canyons in the world (who knew…right here in Colorado?). The Canyon is also said to be the only Canyon in the world drained by two creeks; East and West Creek, which sends the water off in different locations.
The town of Gateway is rich in history of the Ancient Pueblo, Fremont and Ute Native American Tribes along with the gangs of cattle rustlers who hid out within the canyon walls from the law, gold miners searching to find their millions and ranchers who have raised their cattle in the Unaweep Canyon grasslands. In 1903 families started to homestead in the area and in 1904, the post office (there that infamous post office again) was established and the name of Gateway was given to the town since it is a “gateway” to Utah from Colorado.
The community became strongly based around ranching, farming and lumber mills. Uranium mining became the later economic leader for the community and now, the town has been revitalized with tourists from around the world who want to experience the great Canyon country in Western Colorado.
The Trip:
The canyon we traveled in had amazing rock formations, beautiful green trees and lots and lots of cows! And sadly, smoke. We oohed and awed at the canyon, stopped for dozens of pictures.
We arrived at Gateway just a bit before lunch, so we decided to do the auto museum first. I have to admit, I have seen old cars before, I wasn’t really thinking it would be all that. I was wrong! Boy was I wrong.
Enter the World of Autos! 20,000 sq ft of an air conditioned museum. With over 50 cars (pretty sure there were more, but I did take lots of pictures, so that may skew my counting ability). There were new cars, old cars, one of a kind car, motorcycles and even race cars. We started with the Ford GT 500. Just sayin, that’s one bada** car! A spunky green Nash Metropolitan. I have to say, this car has a back seat, but not sure who can sit in them. Max may even be too big, so when mom told me she and her sister used to sit in the back of their Metro, I found it hard to believe. Hard to believe they were anything other than uncomfortable!
Enter the Main Gallery and check out these fine beauties!
Buicks,  Pontiacs, and Chevy’s…Oh MY!
This beauty is a one of a kind, $3.248 MILLION car! It’s a Goddess shimmering under the lights!
1954 Oldsmobile F-88 Convertible Concept Car
Next up (my favorite!)
Mustang Alley
After that, it was car after car after car.
Desoto’s, Chevy’s, Plymouth’s, Chrysler’s.
Deuesenberg’s, Convertibles, Cadillac’s.
After we finished up at the museum, we headed over to the Paradox Grille for some great grub! Menu
Mom ordered the turkey club and raspberry tea (which she said was amazing). The turkey is not sliced thin like most, nice thick slices. Applewood-smoked bacon, tomato, onion,
lettuce, fennel-chile aïoli (which mom said was hot), texas toast. Check out the cute fry basket.
Honey ordered the Paradox Reuben Sandwich and raspberry tea.
Same thing as the turkey, the pastrami was a nice thick cut with two slices. House-made sauerkraut, thousand island, thick-cut marble rye
I went out on a limb and chose Avocado Toast and a cherry Mr. Pibb
Herb & goat cheese spread, avocado, wild mushrooms, arugula, pickled fresno chile. I have to say, that bad boy was just delicious! Then, I came face to face with what I thought was a pickle. I have no idea what it was, but it was hotter than hot! Unfortunately, I got one of the seasonings stuck in my teeth and hours later I experienced the same heat.
Other than the service being a bit slow, the Paradox Grille sits at the base of the beautiful red rock peaks, in a hidden corner of the resort, is both beautiful and relaxing. The food is just amazing (except for that “pickle”). If you are looking some place to get away from the rest of the world, share a romantic getaway or even a great family vacation, you really should check out the Gateway Canyons Resort.
Old friends pass away, new friends appear. It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend – or a meaningful day.
Dalai Lama
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Fargo’s, the History, the Pizza, the Fun

2910 E Platte Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
There are very little, if any, of my favorite childhood restaurants still around in my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO. One of my all time favorites is Fargo’s. It’s like time stands still there, but the noise doesn’t. It seems to be always busy with customers, birthday parties, bus loads of teams, and families! I never knew the history of Fargo’s, so when we went home to see the newest member of the family, we all agreed on Fargo’s. 
Opened in the early 1970’s, Fargo’s was dreamt up by its Missouri owners, which included a “hard drinking, straight shooting, free thinking gambler” from the Wild West named Fargo. Fargo roamed the mountain towns for years before he met his beautiful Sophia, a young Italian girl of nobility. Falling in love, Sophia was able to change Fargo’s ways, but found themselves without any means of support. Thankfully, Sophia had inherited her family’s old Italian recipes, so they decided to open an “Italian” restaurant which would introduce pizza to Colorado. 
If you believe that story, I have a waterfront property to sell you! The owner of Fargo’s, Leon Gardner, created this legend which made for a great story. Fargo and Sophia have been reproduced in wax and sit on the balcony, overlooking the main floor, where memorabilia of bison and elk heads compete for wall space with antique six-shooters, Victorian whale bone hair combs and old sepia photographs. 
You order your pizza (salad (my favorite), pasta, sandwiches or dessert at one counter, then you belly up to the bar to order your drinks. Seating is tricky, most of the time, almost all tables are full, so you find yourself hunting down a busboy to clean off a table. One of the best things about Fargo’s is their way of telling you, your order is ready. Magic mirrors are on the wall and they light up your number when your order is ready. Kids sit and watch the mirrors, wondering who will be the first to see it. I admit, I do love those mirrors! 
Untitled-4fargos mirrors.jpg
The employees are dressed in true 1800’s fashion, ladies with long skirts and frilly lace blouses, males in bow ties, vests and “bartenders” wear the ever famous, garter belt on their arm. The pizza is just that, pizza. The pizzas are baked in an open kitchen where you can watch everything happening. There are no exotic toppings (except the shrimp pizza), just a light, thin, crispy crust, baked on course cornmeal, topped with non fancy toppings.  Menu
The salad bar is amazing. I mean, I crave that bar so often. It’s nothing fancy but the ingredients are very flavorful, with plenty of options and “barista’s” attending to the frequently empty crocks of food. 
While, this is probably not the place to go for a romantic, QUIET, dinner for two, it can be loads of fun for the family. There is a self playing piano and a giant game room the kids love. The game room reward is often used for the kids to eat their dinner and they always come back with some sort of token or piece of candy. 
If you ever visit the Wild West, make sure you stop by Fargo’s and grab some darn fine pizza.
I will always eat pizza! Always.
Dylan Penn
*this post contains photos which are not mine, no copyright infringement meant* Disclaimer