Where in the World Wednesday: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The other day I was watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark and the subject of the Rockefeller Tree came up. It was explained that during the depression the construction workers for the Rockefeller Center decorated a small tree with decorations made from their families. So, of course, wanting to learn more about history, I started… Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree


Where in the World Wednesday: Cripple Creek, CO

Gold Mining town Cripple Creek Colorado History Cripple Creek has such a rich history: In the late 1890's one of the largest gold strikes in history was discovered by a rancher/prospector Bob Womack and the last great Gold Rush began! Thousands of would be miners rushed to the area and soon after, Winfield Scott Stratton… Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Cripple Creek, CO

Merry Monday: December Bucket List

Have you heard of something called a "bucket list"? Man, I have and I have tons of things on it. Travel the world Swim with the dolphins Travel first class See the northern lights But what if... you take your bucket list and tweak it to each month? How fun would that be? I came up with… Continue reading Merry Monday: December Bucket List

Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving

I have to admit and sort of brag I'm truly blessed! Things I'm Thankful for: My hubby, son, daughter and grand kids My mother, sister, nieces and nephews Of course, Max My sister and brother in laws I have a roof over my head Food on my table and the good Lord allows me to… Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving

Me Monday: Holiday Traditions

Ah Christmas, the most "wonderful time of year". Are you a "traditional" family? Mom, dad, kids and fur babies? Or a blended family? Step parent, parent, step siblings? How about a single parent family? A huge family with in laws, outlaws, steps this way and that way? The holidays have sure changed from the time… Continue reading Me Monday: Holiday Traditions

Try it Thursday: Knitting

Have you ever tried to knit? Have you ever wanted to learn to knit? I love to knit; however, I can only knit one blanket pattern. It's so easy and just as easy to change sizes. When I first started making them, I was making them for the babies of coworkers; I had one mom… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Knitting

Me Monday: Live PD

Have you heard of it? Live PD? Six counties around the country being filmed live. Friday and Saturday nights are just not the same anymore. Three full hours each night filled with chases, nonsense, tazings, K-9's and Officers who we have adopted into our families; most, however, don't know they have been and like true… Continue reading Me Monday: Live PD