Where in the World Wednesday: Hometown

Where in the World is not just about leaving town for adventures, but experiencing your “hometown” this week we stayed in town, our new “hometown” of Grand Junction, CO. 
Since there are a total of 48 active wildfires burning in California, Colorado, Utah and Arizona we, unfortunately we get the haze from the smoke which provides us with breath taking sunsets & rises and sadly, some days it’s hard to breathe.
B and I headed out to find the perfect spot to take sunset pictures. Since we aren’t really familiar with the area yet, we didn’t know what options we had for prime sunset viewing.  What we did know, wouldn’t provide us with a clear view of the sky. However, I would be able to have lots of views of trees, roof tops and power lines, which I took into consideration, but decided they just wouldn’t be the ideal locations for a sunset. We put our thinking caps on and remembered, we have a small State Park just about three miles from where we are living,  named The James M. Robb – Colorado River State Park. Since I had no idea it was a state park, I only knew it as Corn Lake. I found, while researching the area, the park itself contains five different or distinct locations, all attached by the Colorado River. That’s when I realized I had stumbled on more ideas for our day trips right in our own back yard!
There is a fee for the use of the park
Day Passes: $7-$9
Camping: $18 – $30
Annual State Park Pass: $70
Island Acres.
Located off Interstate 70 in the Debeque Canyon
Activities: fishing, camping , picnicking and/or hiking along side the Colorado River
Colorado River Wildlife Area
Located one mile west of Corn Lake on D Road
Since the primary goal of this area is on protection, enhancement of wildlife and wetlands habitat, there are very few activity areas.  Hiking, wildlife observation and environmental education is available for this area. There is no boating in this area and fishing access is only on the south and west sides of the lake.
Connected Lakes
Connected Lakes is a day use only park open from 5 am – 10 pm
How to get there:  take Highway 340 (Broadway) to Power Road and turn north, then turn right on Dike Rd. which will take you to the park
Activities: river boating & rafting, hiking, warm water fishing only, picnicking, bird watching and pond boating.
Located south of Exit 19 on Interstate 70 on State Highway 340 and is adjacent to the Colorado River.
Activities: year round camping, lake fishing, boating, picnicking, seasonal bird watching, walking, biking, hiking and even have a dinosaur site. The park does close at 10 pm for day use
Corn Lake
Located at 32 Road & the Colorado River, Corn Lake is a day use only park and serves as headquarters for the park
Activities: boating, rafting, picnicking, both warm & cold water fishing, hiking and biking
Corn Lake is where we found our awesome sunset and some great moon shots as well. Lucked out on that one! The downfall of going to a lake/river at dusk is the army of mosquitoes who love to attack any innocent or non innocent bystander, fisherman or hiker. Note to self, apply the bug spray before you go to the park! Max was just excited to go, but when B got out of the car to watch the fish jump, he got a bit upset with me. Unfortunately, we didn’t have his leash, so he stayed with me at the car.
We spent about a half hour or so just watching the changing colors in the sky. Watching nature live instead of on TV and just being able to the silence and beauty of our home state and now, our hometown.
When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.
Mahatma Gandhi



I'm a wife, mom and grandma. I'm a stay at home wife with big dreams and a teeny tiny budget. I have a desire to travel the world, become a better me and to see my grandkids grow up. My favorite quote is, "A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes"

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