Where In The World Wednesday

Repeat Wednesday

You Said There Would Be Pie

Fun Day at Sea
Victoria, BC
You know it’s gonna be an off day when you wake up after rolling around your bed, playing bumper cars with yourself while you try to secure open doors, only to find the skies have once again opened and it’s pouring rain and so windy you can’t keep your hat on or your glasses clean. But, then you remember, you are in Alaska! You may never see this again, so take the time to enjoy the rain… er… to enjoy the port, the sites and time to scramble for those last souvenirs we’ve put off getting.
Auntie was so excited that she had seen the “pirates” aka pilots boarding the ship and all the really cool houses on the beach earlier in the morning, she was ready to go, she had just one more charm to get on her bracelet! She HAD to…

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I'm a wife, mom and grandma. I'm a stay at home wife with big dreams and a teeny tiny budget. I have a desire to travel the world, become a better me and to see my grandkids grow up. My favorite quote is, "A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes"

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