Try it Thursday: Painting Rocks

Well, since I thought it would be more fun to spend Thursday in bed all day with a migraine, I will share Try it Thursday today. I really like the idea of Kindness Rocks. So, I've been painting and hoarding them lately, instead of leaving them around the town, I get attached to them.  Today, … Continue reading Try it Thursday: Painting Rocks


Where In The World Wednesday

Repeat Wednesday

You Said There Would Be Pie

Fun Day at Sea
Victoria, BC
You know it’s gonna be an off day when you wake up after rolling around your bed, playing bumper cars with yourself while you try to secure open doors, only to find the skies have once again opened and it’s pouring rain and so windy you can’t keep your hat on or your glasses clean. But, then you remember, you are in Alaska! You may never see this again, so take the time to enjoy the rain… er… to enjoy the port, the sites and time to scramble for those last souvenirs we’ve put off getting.
Auntie was so excited that she had seen the “pirates” aka pilots boarding the ship and all the really cool houses on the beach earlier in the morning, she was ready to go, she had just one more charm to get on her bracelet! She HAD to…

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Me Monday: Gastroparesis

Gastroparesis: A Whole New World The problem with staying with a doctor for a long time, I have found, is they tend not to tell you everything going on with you. When you HAVE to find a new doctor, I have found they love to tell you what your records say. And with that, I … Continue reading Me Monday: Gastroparesis

Where in the World Wednesday: The Grand Mesa: Fall Colors

Hoping you remember the previous edition of The Grand Mesa of Colorado: this time we take in the fall colors; B, Max and I took our drive up there to capture the colors. Fall is one of my favorite seasons, I love the turning of the colors. The cooler weather. The rustle of the leaves … Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: The Grand Mesa: Fall Colors

Where in the World Wednesday: Colorado National Monument

As the summer is coming to an end, I look back at where we have been. We visited the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Rifle Falls, The Grand Mesa and finally Colorado National Monument. We visited it last year and it was HOT!! I don't remember much of anything else than it was HOT, so … Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Colorado National Monument

Me Monday: Childhood Memories

A day late, but not a dollar short! The other day someone had posted on their Facebook page I got to thinking about that. I know as time progresses so does everything else. This is what today's Me Monday is about; three things from my childhood kids today wouldn't understand. Number three:  The telephone. In … Continue reading Me Monday: Childhood Memories

Try it Thursday: #KindnessMatters T-Shirts

I gotta say, this summer has flown by so very quickly, sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going. Today we have the Sisters Craft Day. Awhile back I saw a photo of a #KindnessMatters t-shirt on Pinterest I wanted to get, however, it was just a bit outside of my price range, … Continue reading Try it Thursday: #KindnessMatters T-Shirts