Introverts: A gift that doesn’t need to be cured or fixed

I always thought I was shy, never really fit in anywhere, liked being by myself and up until a year or so, I figured out why. I’m an introvert and a highly sensitive person. But, what does that mean? I’m crazy? I’m rude? I do I just not get it? Let’s take a look at these because, being an introvert is very hard on your family and friends who are extroverts and vice versa.
Did you know?
Introverts don’t like to talk unless we have something to say. I’m not good at small talk, but get me started on something I am interested in, I won’t shut up.
Being an introvert, we take in “data” very quickly, therefore, I don’t need to be out long to get what’s going on. It drains me and I need to go home to recharge and process it all. Recharging is extremely critical for introverts.
I think a lot. My brain is always going, I love to daydream and solve the world problems in my head. I love to color, knit, take photos, do crafts and bake, these help me recharge by creating something.
Most people love to get out and have fun. Being an introvert, I love to stay in or go to the mountains for relaxation, busy places exhaust me and if they are too large or noisy, I can completely shut down.
Add those four explanations to the highly sensitive person and you really get a mess.
We become easily overwhelmed – too much intensity, chaos, noise becomes overstimulation and we need a nice quiet room to go.
We have a heightened sense of smell or touch. Itchy fabrics or sudden sounds; scented candles or perfumes; buzzing lights and beeping noises can make an HSP shut down.
We handle emotions at a much deeper level and it may seem like we are making it a bigger deal than it really is. In reality, every word or action goes straight to our hearts.
So, how does one deal with us?
Love us for who we are.
Respect our need for privacy, quiet times, alone times.
Never embarrass us in public
Let us take in any new situation and give us time to think about it
Respect our introversion. I wouldn’t try to make an extrovert and introvert, please don’t do that to us
I’m glad I finally found a space for me and my “weirdness”, doesn’t make it easier, but I know how to cope a bit better now.
“Don’t underestimate me because I’m quiet. I know more than I say, think more than I speak and observe more than you know.”
~ Michaela Chung

Versatile Blogger Award Nominee

Good afternoon!
Just dropping in to give you a little news. Recently, I was nominated for another blogger award. So exciting to be chosen for such an opportunity. My friend Jessica from What’s Happening With Jessica has nominated me. She has been a great supporter, mentor and friend to me in the blogging world. Thank you Jessica!
7 Facts about me:
1. I am an introvert and empath. Lots of people and crowds frighten me
2. My bucket list is lined with traveling to different countries to take photos of churches, cathedrals, abandoned buildings and everything in the  middle
3. I have been married to my husband for 22 years. We dated for only 3.5 months before we married. Hasn’t always been easy, but it’s been the best thing ever!
4. I am a Ulcerative Colitis fighter and a J Pouch warrior. Things that are good for you to eat, are not good for me and my pouch.
5. I love playing Pokemon Go with my son
6. I love taking pictures of the sunsets and the moon.
DSCN1188blue moon 1 1-31-18
7. My dream house would be a spacious rancher on about an acre of land in the mountains.
That was fun! I love sharing with y’all. What did you think of my fun facts? I’d love to hear it. In the meantime, I’m going to nominate some of my favorite bloggers.

Okay ladies, now it’s your turn!

+ Christina Arrigo ATPCreations

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+ We Do What Works

1. Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their site.
2. State 7 facts about yourself.
3. Nominate 15 others for the award. (Or as many as you can)

That’s it. Have a little fun and be sure to comment on my post so I know you have accepted.


Where in the World Wednesday: Woonsocket, RI

I am loving going back in history; learning about the past which leads into the present. Today we will visit Woonsocket, Rhode Island. I admit, I know nothing about Rhode Island, other than it’s tiny. I now know Woonsocket is in the northern part of Rhode Island and just south of the Massachusetts border.
Who were the first residents of Woonsocket?
That would be the Eastland Woodland Indians – mainly Nipmucs, Wampanoaags and Narragansetts. Richard Arnold, Sr., the first European interest in the area,  laid claim on land in the late 1660’s. Richard SR., his sons Richard Jr. and John and his sister, Elizabeth Comstock, were the first family members to settle in the area. His family built a sawmill, which was powered by the Blackstone River just below the Woonsocket Falls now called Market Square. Elizabeth and Richard Jr. settled in the Union Village area where they built a stop for travelers on the way to Boston, becoming a commercial center and the hub of the entire area until the 1820’s. John Sr. settled in the Providence Street area where he became a successful farmer and miller and fortunately, his house still stands on Providence Street.
By Engraving from The Providence Plantations for 250 Years, Welcome Arnold Greene (1886). – Engraving from The Providence Plantations for 250 Years, Welcome Arnold Greene (1886)., Public Domain,
Checking out things to do in Woonsocket, it has a MASSIVE list of historic places which are registered in the National Registry. 1761 Milestone, Frank Wilbur house and St. Andrews Episcopal Chapel to name a few!
This place looks like it could be an all summer historical review!!
Let’s take a look at a few:
Linton Block – at 3-5 Monument Square, this is a 4 story office/house built by Robert Linton 1888 for his drug store. Sadly though, in 1890 it was badly damaged by a fire then destroyed by fire in March 2000. So. that may be off our bucket list.
Woonsocket Civil War Monument – also at Monument Square, this was built in 1868 and was the first Civil War monument built in Rhode Island. The Monument includes a park with a swimming pool you can enjoy!
Untitled-3st anns
St. Ann Arts & Cultural Center – Built 1913-1917
“The St. Ann Arts and Cultural Center  is a non-religiously affiliated, non-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation and restoration of the former St. Ann’s Roman Catholic Church building located at 84 Cumberland Street, in Woonsocket, RI… The Center’s mission is to develop multiple venues of adaptive reuse for this endangered and irreplaceable, artistic and historical asset, thereby ensuring its preservation while creating a wonderful resource for the surrounding communities.”
Join the tours on Sunday’s from 1pm – 4 pm for just $10 (adults) $8 (seniors/students) Free (children 4 and under)
They will also be holding a Masquerade Ball, Mardi Gras festivities and a breakfast with the Saints.
Take a riverboat tour on the Blackstone River Valley! Now, there’s some fun there! For $10 – $12 you can take a tour and hear about the early settlers and workers. Experience nature with the Bald Eagles, hawks, deer and turtles!
Or if you would like a more environmental tour, they have those too! You can learn about the river plants, animals and recovery from pollution! Either one sounds like some fun with photos!
Autumnfest – held every Columbus Day weekend since 1979. Held in the city is a huge fair which includes fireworks, parades and lots more fun and excitement.
Now, since I have not been to Woonsocket, I have to go off the reviews I see online (since I can’t ask my “challenger”). I usually plan my vacations and road trips around food. I do really!! Let’s see what Woonsocket has to offer.
Patriots Diner – 65 Founders Drive Woonsocket, RI 02895  (401) 765-6900
I am all about diner food. It’s true! So when I found this one, I had to check it out. I am looking at the prices of the food and comparing the prices. Not knowing exactly when these prices were posted, take a look at Woonsocket vs Grand Junction
Hot Wings   W: $6.95 GJ: $7.50
Biscuits & Gravy   W: $9.25 (includes biscuits & gravy & potatoes)  GJ: $7.50 (includes biscuits & gravy & potatoes AND 2 eggs)
B.L.T.   W: $5.50 (served with chips)   GJ: $8.50 (served with fries, chips, slaw, soup or salad)
Soda  W: $1.75   GJ: $2.50
If you like fish & chips, let’s visit Ye Olde English Fish & Chips – Started in 1922 and family run since!
Ye Olde English Fish & Chips – Since 1922
25 South Main St
Woonsocket, RI
I did ask Amy for some photos of the area, she was so excited to share, I know have a vast selection of Woonsocket photos.

Now, if you are in for some real fun, take a short drive of about 45 minutes outside of Woonsocket to 230 2nd St, Fall River, MA 02721. There you will find the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast Museum. 

$20.00 for adults
$18.00 for Senior Citizens (age 60 and above) and college students with ID
$15.00 for all children ages 7 – 15 (Children age 6 and under are FREE!)

Not quite sure about this one, but of course, if I did make it to RI, I would have to add then quickly cross this off of my ghost tours bucket list and Amy would have to come along!!!

Thank you for getting to know Woonsocket, RI with me, learning about the past and hoping to build a better future.

Hopefully I did Woonsocket justice Amy Breen!
My vision for a better Rhode Island starts with a simple idea – we are all in this together. Gina Raimondo

Monday: This year’s excursions

I am so excited about the upcoming year and You Said There Would be Pie’s journeys this year.
January brings a rare astronomical event. January has two full moons, not too rare, but that’s called a blue moon. You know, Once in a Blue Moon? Well, it happens this month. BUT!! I admit I am so very excited about the second blue moon:
The Blue Blood Supermoon Eclipse! 
This is a total lunar eclipse, starting in EARLY  morning of January 31, 2018, it will also be BOTH a super & a blue moon. Man, I hope those skies are clear and my camera and I get along; for those of us West of Denver the eclipse will start at 3:51 a.m. MST, with the umbra reaching the moon’s edge at 4:48 a.m. Sometimes I’m happy I am a night owl!
blue moon
Here’s what’s on the planner for the rest of the year:
Oh so many places to visit!
Join us this year!
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
― Marcel Proust

Where in the World Wednesday: The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

The other day I was watching a Christmas movie on Hallmark and the subject of the Rockefeller Tree came up. It was explained that during the depression the construction workers for the Rockefeller Center decorated a small tree with decorations made from their families. So, of course, wanting to learn more about history, I started looking it up.
And so the story begins.
The date: 1933
The building: 30 Rockefeller Center
On the land that John D. Rockefeller Jr leased from the Columbia University, construction of the Rockefeller Center began. The original building to be built on that land was an opera house, however, the cost of the opera house would need some help from donations from the University and Mr Rockefeller Jr; despite the support of Mr Rockefeller the construction of the opera house was canceled in December of 1929. This began the negotiations with RCA, NBC and RKO to build a mass media complex.
The date: 1933
The celebration: The Tree
Beginning in 1933 the unofficial tradition of decorating the tree starts during the construction of the Center and right in the middle of the Depression. Workers started by decorating a 20′ Balsam Fir with paper garlands, strings of cranberries and tin cans on Christmas Eve. Just two years late the tiny tree was replaced with the lighting of a 50′ tree becoming the “Holiday Beacon for New Yorker’s & Visitors Alike” and in 1936 the now famous skating rink was added.
WWII brought in the use of more patriotic decorations of red, white, blue and stars and in 1943 instead of one large tree, it was replaced with three smaller trees, donning one color of the flag on each tree. Sadly, in 1944 & 1945 due to black out restrictions the tree was unable to be lit and stayed dark for those two years. Never fear! After the war ended, the tree received a make over and was highlighted with ultraviolet light projectors making it look as if the trees globes were glowing in the dark.
The 1950’s brought larger trees and workers using scaffolding to decorate and taking nine days and 20 workers to complete the decorating process. That’s a LOT of lights! Finally, in 1951 NBC televised the tree lighting and has remained a Christmas tradition since. The 1960’s brought the beautiful Herald Angels (designed by Valerie Clarebouts) to the Channel Gardens near Fifth Ave.
1999 brought the tallest tree, a 100′ Spruce; whereas in 2006 the second tallest, a mere 94′, the heaviest (weighing in at 30,000 pounds (just where did they find a scale that went that high?))  and widest at 56′ wide. That’s a LOT of tree!!
You know that Star which sits on top of the tree? Well, that’s a Swarovski Star designed by German artist Michael Hammers. The star weights 550 lbs, is adorned with 25,000 crystals, 1,000,000 facets, is 9.5 ft wide and since the tree has gone green since 2007, the star uses 1,200 fewer kilowatts per day which is enough to power a 2,000 sq ft house for a month! (HONEY! Don’t look at the lighting bill) 
While this tree may have started to lift the construction workers spirits it is now seen as “from the beginning … a gathering place and reflection of what was happening in the world around it” and “world-wide symbol of Christmas.”
If you are ever in NYC during Christmas time, remember to take a photo of a historical icon and spend a few hours at the skating rink!


Never worry about the size of your Christmas tree. In the eyes of children, they are all 30 feet tall. 

Larry Wilde

**these photos are not all mine, no copy write infringement meant**


Me Monday: My Dream Job

When you were a little kid what was your dream job?
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Did you want to be an Astronaut? A doctor? Lawyer?
Did you want to be a mommy or daddy? A teacher?
Did you make that dream come true or did you find yourself on a different plan?
I was in jr. high school when I realized I loved baking and my great plan was to go to Paris to learn the art of baking. However, I found myself on a totally different path when I hit high school. The wonderful thing about my new path; it would bring me the joy of my life, my son! I have never looked back on what I may have I missed, but each day, I know I am blessed with what he has given me.
I’ve had several jobs in my 33 years since the day of high school graduation and I admit, they haven’t all been easy. However, we were never really told this was going to be an easy life. We were promised, though, it would be worth it. So, I still tend to dream about my dream job and how wonderful I will be at it.
So what is my now, new dream job?
If money, education and language barriers were no object: I would love to be a blogger traveling the world, taking photos of churches, cathedrals, skies, water…just about everything! I love seeing new places where I love to take pictures. Heck, I love to take pictures at home. Not so much of me, but of everything else around. Except bugs, don’t like bugs. When I look through the lens of a camera and look beyond the initial scene and really see into what is there, I have the best feeling in the world. Whether it be a rainbow, a man catching a fish or a baby being born, there is always more than one side to look at things.
Just what is a photograph?
 the Free Dictionary defines it as:




An image, especially a positive print, recorded by exposing a photosensitive surface to light, especially in a camera.
v. pho·to·graphed, pho·to·graph·ing, pho·to·graphs”

“Definition of photograph

  1. :  a picture or likeness obtained by photography
  • A picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused on to light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally.”
Many definitions for a simple word. Except the simple word becomes complex when you add; light, human, animal, event, history, celebrations, emotions or challenges. What I might see and feel can be totally different from what you see and feel and yet, we are looking at the same thing. When I look at a photo of an ancient ruin it brings questions to my mind; How was that made, destroyed, used? Who lived or worked there? Are the halls full of hate or happiness? Present day cathedrals bring to me a feeling of awe, so much so, I remain quiet. Can you hear the choir or the sermon? How did the architecture come about? What do these walls want you to know?
When I was in Alaska, I took pictures of the sky, the ocean and the glaciers. I tried to take the photos I wanted to remember, but not just to look at, but to hear the sound, feel the mist or the sun rays, feel the rain or hear the quietness.  My photo of the glaciers remind me of how powerless and small I am. How nature rules and how history can come to life. The photo silences me every time I look at it and remember the peace of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the crash of the glacier calving and the stillness of the air. Can I convey to you, how I felt and bring you into the picture with me, I hope so. I know, in my dream job, I can.
Margerie Glacier
When I look at this, I can still feel the motion. The sound of the waves. The beauty of nature.
Traveling also brings food and drink. I love to take food porn, nothing x rated, just beautiful (and sometimes, not so beautiful) photos of what you ordered hoping to have the best experience of your life or just to eat your most favorite food ever or even, discover what a certain food may look like.
Have you ever eaten a dessert and you know you may never find or replicate it again? Do you remember which emotion it brought to you when you tasted the first bite? I have photos from a vacation I took, where I was able to taste foods I will probably never see again. I remember the taste of the chocolate cake and remember how incredibly chocolate it was without being too sweet or bitter and happy it made me. The photos may never do the original product justice, but the words attached can truly illicit thoughts, tastes, smells, memories you may have had some place some time you didn’t remember and now it’s right in front of you.
So, where would I go on my adventures. I would totally go back to Alaska and see more of the land, not just the sea. I would love to cross off every state in the US off my bucket list and I would love to photograph my husband experiencing every baseball park in America and Canada. The look of a kid, the joy of the game and his happy place showing in his eyes. It’s nothing I would want to forget.
The top world trips on my list are:
Paris – The Eiffel Tower – Arc de Triumph – The Louvre – The Catacombs
Italy – St. Peters Bassilica – Valley of the Temples – Rome – Lake Como – Pompeii – Colosseum
Germany – Heidelberg Castle – Mannheim Residential Palace – The Berlin Wall – The Rhine – The Holocaust Memorial – The Black Forest
Each country must also include any castles, cathedrals, palaces or churches.
So when you remember what you wanted to do when you grew up doesn’t go quite the way you planned, remember, just yell PLOT TWIST and hang on. Never stop dreaming, even if it’s just for one day you get to experience your dream job, one day may be more than you ever expected.
“God’s plan for your life is happening right now. It doesn’t begin when you get married or when you get your dream job or when everything feels perfect. You are IN the plan. –
Tara Leigh Cobble