Alcohol Inks – A Project in the Making Part 1

No, it’s not what you think. However, I suppose you could use a good Vodka or Moonshine

 Alcohol Ink Art

Sister and I started doing this and we are having too much fun learning. It’s even become an obsession (at least for me). I know what you are thinking. Aren’t all crafts and hobbies an obsession? Well, I say yes! They are! We are keeping the inks at her house, so when I don’t go over, I go through withdrawals!
Now, I will admit, AI isn’t cheap. HOWEVER, there are ways to get around that. Let’s start with the basics.
(I am not a pro and don’t claim to be, just an obsessed AI groupie, wanting to share the love!)
This is by no means a full list of items you (need) want and NO you don’t have to get everything on the list! 
Alcohol Ink
There are several brands out there. We are using  Ranger – Tim Holtz  for now. Simply because there aren’t a lot of choices at the local hobby stores (there is evidently a bottle shortage). A pack of three colors run about $11.99 here in Colorado. Amazon, $11.98 + free shipping (but not PRIME eligible)
You can also use, Sharpies or Copic markers. These are great for adding lines or to highlight edges
Alcohol – Best to use isopropyl alcohol with a 91% if you want to make things happen.
Alcohol Blending Solution – This and the Alcohol, do somewhat of the same thing. So if you are on a budget, start with just the alcohol. The blending solution does a bit more magic than the IA. The Blending Solution is formulated to dilute and lighten the AI’s vibrant tones. Plus, it is great for lightening and blending the AI colors and it will help remove the colors from slick surfaces, hands and art tools.
Blending Tools:  Something like a ball tool
Something to paint on
Non Porous items:
We started with tiles. You can get them at the hardware store for like .17 cents a tile! PLUS, if you make a mess or something didn’t work out, you can clean it right off!
There is paper out there called Yupo paper, which is essentially, plastic paper.
Also, dominoes, glass, metal, ceramic and lots more!
You can also paint on some porous mediums, however, we haven’t even attempted that…so, stay tuned
Paint Brushes
Latex Gloves (the inks stain)
A Palette 
Cotton Balls
Straws and/or Canned Air
This is by no means a full list of items you (need) want, but it’s a great start. Also, we haven’t sealed our tiles yet, so we don’t have the 411 on sealing them, quite yet.
Here is a start to my latest project.
Step 1:
I cleaned off the tile with some IA, just to make sure it’s all good and not yucky from others handling it.
Step 2:
I used a White (if you are using a dark color, you will need a lighter color behind it to make it visible) and some Blending Solution and just moved it around to make some movement on the tile
Step 3:
I then added the Sunflower Yellow in drops and then added the Blending Solution and then also tilted it and used the canned air (gently) to make more definition where I wanted it.
I kept adding yellow and white until I was pleased with the coloring.
Then I added some Orange to the party and just kept working with the Blending Solution, the air and straw and even some of the alcohol.
This is where we stop today
Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces.
*this post contains photos which are not mine, no copyright infringement meant*Disclaimer
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Try it Thursday: Christmas in July

OK, I know it’s not July still, but I thought about doing Christmas in July too late. So, I will be doing some more random ones through the rest of the holiday season.
Today we do another tree. I already had the form so I was saving money. Right?
I found several different instructions and since I am working with a budget, I found I really liked the one with buttons. I LOVE to collect buttons, I have some of my grandfathers, some new ones, some from the store, but I had to purchase some gold(ish) ones for the look I wanted. I didn’t use any of the fancy buttons of my grandfathers, saving those for something else.
Off to the hobby store to find some gold or Christmasy buttons. B was in the car with me, in fact he was driving, so he also got the pleasure of taking me to the hobby store. I have to say, he is not one for the hobby stores, but he does make times fun. I’ve learned  to play WITH the shenanigans instead of against them. Usually we end up with lots of people laughing with us, which is better than laughing AT us…which that happens too.
Yes, I LOVE going to the hobby store
Anywho Back on track.
I had my tree form, buttons, stick pins and glue gun.
Glue gun wasn’t in the project, however, when I got to pinning, there were gaps and instead of the pin heads on the teeny tiny buttons, I just glued them on.
Start from the bottom of the form and work your way up, I found it easier to use bigger buttons on the bottom and then different sizes on the way up. Make sure you secure the button with a stick pin (and maybe even a splash of hot glue). I choose the pin heads with a white pearl color instead of just a white; I wanted red, but didn’t find any. I found a small box of the pins for just $4.99 for 150, my buttons were on sale for 50% off (regular price was $5.99 for 32) for just $3.00; the cost of the tree, just about $10.
Randomly add your buttons all the way up, took me about 45 minutes to complete. May have taken just a little less if I hadn’t decided to hot glue a button to my finger. Yes, it stuck, yes it burned and yes, it blistered. I know, I know, I gave the PSA about using HOT glue guns, which makes this even worse to tell. Once I started, I thought of all kinds of other things I could do to this, but I just didn’t have the buttons I really wanted.
Since I had a Christmas back drop, I took a “family” photo of the trees
the three.png
Hope you enjoyed the Tree Series. Next week, Peaches!!! It’s harvest time!
“The discipline of creation, be it to paint, compose, write, is an effort towards wholeness.”
― Madeleine L’Engle,