Me Monday: My Favorite Pictures

Last year I decided I wanted to start taking pictures: you know, something other than just the phone kind? Now, not knowing ANYTHING about Digital cameras, I sort of did some research on the different ones and decided I like the Nikon Coolpix l340. I wanted a point and shoot, this would do it. Once… Continue reading Me Monday: My Favorite Pictures


Colorado Scenic Byway: Grand Mesa

Part 1: Driving the Loop I first experienced the Grand Mesa Loop a few years ago when mom and I had gone on a drive to check out the fall leaves. The colors on the Mesa are simply amazing, so I wanted to go back to see what the summer had in store for us. We… Continue reading Colorado Scenic Byway: Grand Mesa

Where in the World Wednesday: Hometown

Where in the World is not just about leaving town for adventures, but experiencing your "hometown" this week we stayed in town, our new "hometown" of Grand Junction, CO.  Since there are a total of 48 active wildfires burning in California, Colorado, Utah and Arizona we, unfortunately we get the haze from the smoke which… Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Hometown