Try it Thursday: Christmas in July

I know, I know. It's too early to start thinking about Christmas. Evidently, Michaels and Walmart thought so too. Hobby Lobby had my number though, they realize it takes crafters more than just a week or two to craft items. B was not at all happy about this, so he just dropped me off and… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Christmas in July


Me Monday: Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me, I know right now you are thinking the world is a wonderful place. Mom and Dad have hung the moon and stars for you and they have. You might not always know it or like it, but they have reasons for rules, chores and doing things you don't want to do. Please… Continue reading Me Monday: Dear Younger Me

Me Monday: Who Am I?

I am the oldest daughter of 4 girls & the first Granddaughter                          - I am also the most sensitive.              My hobbies are: Baking, knitting, coloring and (most importantly) an addict of Facebook          … Continue reading Me Monday: Who Am I?

Me Monday: The First 30 Years

Have you ever? Looked back at your life and think, man! I've been through some stuff! I do that a lot, I don't dwell on the past, I learn from it. I TRY to learn from it! Like when you fall and break your arm two weeks before your daughter's wedding. OK, I do look… Continue reading Me Monday: The First 30 Years

Memory Lane

It's all about my Great Grandparents day We need to start with a little back history, to get to the real history. Mom and Dad married very young, I arrived about 9 months later and my sister arrived three years later. I admit, I was not particularly fond of the idea of sharing my parents… Continue reading Memory Lane