Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving

I have to admit and sort of brag I'm truly blessed! Things I'm Thankful for: My hubby, son, daughter and grand kids My mother, sister, nieces and nephews Of course, Max My sister and brother in laws I have a roof over my head Food on my table and the good Lord allows me to… Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving


Me Monday: Holiday Traditions

Ah Christmas, the most "wonderful time of year". Are you a "traditional" family? Mom, dad, kids and fur babies? Or a blended family? Step parent, parent, step siblings? How about a single parent family? A huge family with in laws, outlaws, steps this way and that way? The holidays have sure changed from the time… Continue reading Me Monday: Holiday Traditions

Try it Thursday: Knitting

Have you ever tried to knit? Have you ever wanted to learn to knit? I love to knit; however, I can only knit one blanket pattern. It's so easy and just as easy to change sizes. When I first started making them, I was making them for the babies of coworkers; I had one mom… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Knitting

Me Monday: Live PD

Have you heard of it? Live PD? Six counties around the country being filmed live. Friday and Saturday nights are just not the same anymore. Three full hours each night filled with chases, nonsense, tazings, K-9's and Officers who we have adopted into our families; most, however, don't know they have been and like true… Continue reading Me Monday: Live PD

Me Monday: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love food. That's all there is to it. I love the turkey, the stuffing, the green bean casserole, the corn, the mashed potatoes and gravy; maybe not so much the cranberry sauce. The rolls, the pecan pie (NOT the pumpkin pie), the appetizers and yes, I truly pay… Continue reading Me Monday: Thanksgiving

Me Monday: Anniversary, Pokemon and the Kiddo

I have to say, this past weekend was one of the best I have had in awhile. See, it was my anniversary; hubby and I have been married for 22 years. Which, when you look back on our years, it's kind of amazing he has stuck with me. Between the illnesses, the stress of working… Continue reading Me Monday: Anniversary, Pokemon and the Kiddo

Me Monday: My Favorite Pictures

Last year I decided I wanted to start taking pictures: you know, something other than just the phone kind? Now, not knowing ANYTHING about Digital cameras, I sort of did some research on the different ones and decided I like the Nikon Coolpix l340. I wanted a point and shoot, this would do it. Once… Continue reading Me Monday: My Favorite Pictures