Where in the World Wednesday: Glenwood Springs, CO

This week we loaded up the car with just B and myself, grabbed some much needed breakfast, coffee and headed east, yes, along I-70. We were headed to Glenwood Springs, CO, just a mere 90 minute drive from the house and a whole lot cooler. We were in search of the new Doc Holliday museum … Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Glenwood Springs, CO

Colorado Scenic Byway: Grand Mesa

Part 1: Driving the Loop I first experienced the Grand Mesa Loop a few years ago when mom and I had gone on a drive to check out the fall leaves. The colors on the Mesa are simply amazing, so I wanted to go back to see what the summer had in store for us. We … Continue reading Colorado Scenic Byway: Grand Mesa

Me Monday: My Dream Job

When you were a little kid what was your dream job? What did you want to be when you grew up? Did you want to be an Astronaut? A doctor? Lawyer? Did you want to be a mommy or daddy? A teacher? Did you make that dream come true or did you find yourself on … Continue reading Me Monday: My Dream Job

Where in the World Wednesday: Rifle Falls State Park

Our trip to Rifle Falls State Park was not what we had expected. B and I packed up the car, slathered on the sunscreen, applied the bug spray. Max and Mom stayed at home. We've driven by the town of Rifle many times, it sits right off I-70 in Colorado. However, we had no idea what … Continue reading Where in the World Wednesday: Rifle Falls State Park

Where In the World Wednesday

The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park Hello and welcome back! This week I will be starting my new "series" of Where In the World Wednesday. I will be focusing on the National Parks, Mesas, Vineyards, Winery's and so much more you can do in and around Grand Junction, CO. This weekend mom, Max … Continue reading Where In the World Wednesday

Where In The World Wednesday

You know it's gonna be an off day when you wake up after rolling around your bed, playing bumper cars with yourself while you try to secure open doors, only to find the skies have once again opened and it's pouring rain and so windy you can't keep your hat on or your glasses clean. But, then you remember, you are in Alaska!