Try it Thursday: Knitting

Have you ever tried to knit? Have you ever wanted to learn to knit? I love to knit; however, I can only knit one blanket pattern. It's so easy and just as easy to change sizes. When I first started making them, I was making them for the babies of coworkers; I had one mom… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Knitting


Try it Thursday: Quick Breads

One of the things I like to do most is bake. It's been awhile, but I am getting back into the swing of things. This week we indulged in two separate breads; one savory, one sweet; both quick breads. (Not so sure why it's called quick bread when it needs to bake for an hour)… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Quick Breads

Try it Thursday: Painting Rocks

Well, since I thought it would be more fun to spend Thursday in bed all day with a migraine, I will share Try it Thursday today. I really like the idea of Kindness Rocks. So, I've been painting and hoarding them lately, instead of leaving them around the town, I get attached to them.  Today,… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Painting Rocks

Try it Thursday: #KindnessMatters T-Shirts

I gotta say, this summer has flown by so very quickly, sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going. Today we have the Sisters Craft Day. Awhile back I saw a photo of a #KindnessMatters t-shirt on Pinterest I wanted to get, however, it was just a bit outside of my price range,… Continue reading Try it Thursday: #KindnessMatters T-Shirts

Try it Thursday: Lazy Peach Pie

In case you have missed it, Peaches are a pretty big deal around these parts. I mean, Palisade is known as the Peach Capitol of Colorado. I would say the world, but I don't know that I've had fresh Georgia Peaches.   One of my most favorite desserts EVER!!! Is Lazy Peach Pie. I got… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Lazy Peach Pie

Try it Thursday: Christmas in July

OK, I know it's not July still, but I thought about doing Christmas in July too late. So, I will be doing some more random ones through the rest of the holiday season. Today we do another tree. I already had the form so I was saving money. Right? I found several different instructions and… Continue reading Try it Thursday: Christmas in July

Where in the World Wednesday

Well, it's been a week. I do apologize, I have missed Monday and today! Don't worry, Try it Thursday is just about here!! “I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” ― Douglas Adams,